Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's positive!

On 9.9.14 I found myself looking down at a pregnancy test that, without any question, started back at me with two, very clear, red lines. 

Aaron, my partner, and I were not expecting this little surprise, but have decided to take this challenge head on! While we are both very uncertain of how all of this will play out, I know that we're in it together, and that's what matters.

I haven't been experiencing any severe symptoms, mostly just a faint nauseated sense that comes and goes. My chest is super swollen, though, which is something I'm certainly not used to!

No big bump yet, I don't think I'm very far along. My guess is maybe 3 weeks. I go to my first appointment next Monday. I'm very excited, but very nervous!

I'll be saying goodbye to this view in a few months time!
I'm feeling really excited, really nervous, really worried. Obviously I did not plan for this, but it's making it's way into my life and with my family and Aaron by my side, I feel like things will work out just fine. 

Here's to a great new experience!