Thursday, October 30, 2014

And ... I'm 12 weeks!

It has been extremely difficult to post anything -- obviously since my last post was in September! So I'll go ahead and break down what's been happening since I last posted.

I hadn't had any severe pregnancy symptoms when I first posted, which I was quite happy about, but I guess my luck had quickly run out because a few days after that first post, the morning sickness started up. At first I was just very, very nauseated. I couldn't figure out what to eat. My pe-natals were making me sick. My energy level dropped and a few days after that the severe throwing up started and didn't end.

I was barely able to get anything down, and if I did it only stayed down for maybe a half hour. Water made me throw up, tea made me throw up, bread made me throw up. The idea of crackers and cereal just sickened me. My first ultrasound was right around the corner, so I just stuck it out even though my mom was telling me to call and get in sooner. I guess I just figured I was being a big baby and couldn't take what most women can.

The ultrasound was so surreal. I can't explain it, maybe I am just easily excitable, but as soon as I could see our little bouncing gummy bear (what Aaron and I now refer to the baby as), I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. It was just an amazing feeling to see what was going on inside... and even though at the time he/she was no bigger than a raspberry, it felt like I had just won the biggest prize of a lifetime. It was a very amazing moment for me and I forgot about all the headaches, nausea, and bodily weakness for a little while.

Another awesome thing, if you look at the screen shot, is that we found out I was actually 9 weeks, and not 7. Making my due date May 10th, 2015, rather than May 22nd.

During the doctors visit, I was able to ask questions about the excessive amount of vomiting I had been experiencing and that eating and drinking had been an issue. Thankfully the doctor was very reseptive. A urin sample also indicated that I was severely dehydrated and I was asked to go to the Emergency Room where they gave me an IV with some Zofran and Saline. Boy did that help!

I have been taking Zofran since the first appointment. It really helped the first few weeks, but now it's almost as though my body is just becoming immune, so I still throw up sometimes. I have been taking Vitamine B6 as well which usually does the trick.

Cravings, cravings... cravings. I crave anything that is talked about, anything I see on TV or suddenly think about. I often crave ice cream or random things like pickles. Every day is different, though. I honestly have to wait to eat dinner until I figure out what I want. Poor Aaron has made so many trips to the market to get me whatever I'm craving that night. If I don't get that *EXACT* thing I'm craving, I feel like I'm going to cry or have a temper tantrumn. It's bad.

One night Aaron went out because I was begging for a Cherry pie, he unfortunately came home with an Apple pie... I was destraught.

I am showing *a little* -- I look bigger in my abdomen area, but it's not quite a "bump" yet. I really want to do the week by week photo collage, so hopefully Aaron and I can do that soon since I'm now in my 12th week!  I am excited to post my *first official* "bump" picture!

I am honestly so greatful to my family, they have been so supportive and helpful. I have been relentlessly bombarding my sisters and mom with questions and complaints. This whole experience is so new to me and while it's so exciting, I feel I have had little time to actually enjoy it.

Thankfully I am feeling more energetic these last few days. I have been creating new items for my Etsy shop as well as painting much more. I hope that I continue to feel better and hopefully I'll be able to update the blog after my second ultrasound visit!

We're getting ready for our Halloween outting. I can't wait to share mine and Aaron's costume!

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